Will This Person Hit Me? 9 Ways to Avoid It!

It's Your Turn to End Being the Victim! | taught by Eyvette W J Turner

Course description

In this course, we take you from acknowledging your own awareness of the reality of the possibility of getting hit to gently guiding you into effective empowering results. Many times we are simply unconscious to who we are being at the time. We get to explore our way of being in such a way that enlightens are path going forward.

  • you get access to nine wonderful principles
  • you have a challenge to solidify each lesson
  • you get a PDF download to help you track your change

We then more forward into what will consciously keep us in a state of noticing our own life from the perspective of how we personally decide what we believe will determine who we will ultimately become.

Our next adventure into bridging the gap into acknowledging our conscious declaration of how clear we would like for our path to open up to us and eagerly accept our own willingness to live in it.

Lastly, we put the icing on the cake of all this knowledge we have uncovered with a special bonus that is the glue to wholeheartedly living a life of happiness and joy.

These are a few highlights from the course and we looking forward to bringing you into this atmosphere with us.

Sending you love & light,

Eyvette W J Turner

Eyvette W J Turner
Eyvette W J Turner
CEO & Founder of Create Xtremes, LLC

Eyvette began her career in service to her country by serving in capacities ranging from an electronic technician to a recruiter. During her experience as an US Air Force veteran, she began her entrepreneurial career in network marketing. Focused and passionate about learning, growing and helping others to do the same, she earned five free company cars in her 10 year career and helped seven people on her success team to do the same in her first business. She attributes her success to helping to guide others in focusing on their self-love skill and noticing how true appreciation of self elevates their life.

An insurmountable amount of problems in Eyvette's life caused her to internalize what was making her life so problematic. After successfully going through child abuse (by today's laws), domestic violence, single parenthood, homelessness, repossession, bankruptcy and losing all her children's family photos in a storage auction she learned there must be something different to turn to... Yes, Her self-love and how she could rebound from such traumatic situations. She took time to studied her own life and found what brought her through, now she realized where the shift took place and she wants to help others to achieve it in their life as well! Yes, you can too... In her courses, she will teach you how she did it!!

Eyvette has completed her M.B.A. from Stratford University. She currently expresses her education as an International Entrepreneur. She raised two great children as a single parent and now gets to enjoy six awesome grandchildren. She loves learning more about mind transitioning methods that become life altering which allows her to helps enhance the lives of others daily. She totally enjoys traveling, walking, public speaking and all things fun!!

Eyvette W J Turner


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Will This Person Hit Me? 9 Ways to Avoid It!
Will This Person Hit Me? 9 Ways to Avoid It! FREE
Intro Awareness FREE
Awareness moves you closer
Winning Mindset
Attention to Thinking
Critical thinking project
Realize your power
Entertain Yourself
Notice Your environment
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