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Your Easy builder of Self-Love | taught by Eyvette W J Turner

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This course is design to give you what you need to begin loving yourself on a more consistent basis. The real work is done when you create a habit of doing the little things until they become second nature to you.

Believe that small, consistence action will create massive results you will learn how something so simple will make insurmountable positive changes in your life.

The more you delve into how your own love for yourself will change your life on a more handsome level, the more you will freely trust your life will change simply by increasing your self-love.

With this simple information the timeliness of this course will come from reflecting and self-assessing yourself to bring this change into your life.

Enjoy this Audio course to help you achieve the self-love you are so capable of!!

Much Love & Light!!


Eyvette W J Turner
Eyvette W J Turner
CEO & Founder of Create Xtremes, LLC

Eyvette began her career in service to her country by serving in capacities ranging from an electronic technician to a recruiter. During her experience as an US Air Force veteran, she began her entrepreneurial career in network marketing. Focused and passionate about learning, growing and helping others to do the same, she earned five free company cars in her 10 year career and helped seven people on her success team to do the same in her first business. She attributes her success to helping to guide others in focusing on their self-love skill and noticing how true appreciation of self elevates their life.

An insurmountable amount of problems in Eyvette's life caused her to internalize what was making her life so problematic. After successfully going through child abuse (by today's laws), domestic violence, single parenthood, homelessness, repossession, bankruptcy and losing all her children's family photos in a storage auction she learned there must be something different to turn to... Yes, Her self-love and how she could rebound from such traumatic situations. She took time to studied her own life and found what brought her through, now she realized where the shift took place and she wants to help others to achieve it in their life as well! Yes, you can too... In her courses, she will teach you how she did it!!

Eyvette has completed her M.B.A. from Stratford University. She currently expresses her education as an International Entrepreneur. She raised two great children as a single parent and now gets to enjoy six awesome grandchildren. She loves learning more about mind transitioning methods that become life altering which allows her to helps enhance the lives of others daily. She totally enjoys traveling, walking, public speaking and all things fun!!

Reach out to me at ceo@eyvettewjturner.com

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Micro-Mini Self-Love Course!
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